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Dracoudis Energy is the leading expert in Photovoltaic Panels and associated energy products. We offer solutions in Photovoltaic Panels installation, repair, and maintenance.



Photovoltaics Installations

We deliver customized photovoltaic (PV) systems that maximize your electricity production.

Our experts have a great working knowledge of the Cypriot market and a thorough understanding of solar technology and related products that are available in the market.

Our extensive knowledge allows us to offer exceptional value and technical excellence.

We pride ourselves in carrying out our work to the highest standards and in accordance with the latest electrical wiring regulations. Whether you are looking for an honest and competent electrician for your project, we are happy to help.

  • Net Metering
  • Net Billing

Net-metering is an electricity policy provided by EAC, which involves utility customers who run their own self-generation electricity systems. The most commonly used self-generation electricity production system in Cyprus is the Photovoltaic systems.

The electricity generated by the photovoltaic system is consumed locally on-site, and any surplus electricity produced is transferred to the grid.

A special meter is installed by the EAC, which is responsible for measuring the power purchased from the grid (when on-site electricity production is lower than the on-side demand), and the power returned to the grid. Therefore the customer is liable to pay only the difference (net) between the two.

The Net Billing scheme was introduced to allow the energy producer to sell any excess energy produced back to the grid at cost and is available for commercial or industrial facilities.

As one of the best solutions available to reduce the costs of energy bills for energy-intensive companies, it provides the ability to further reduce the initial solar investment cost with additional monetary benefits from excess electricity.

The electricity that is produced is directly consumed in the building, in the event that the on-site electricity production is not sufficient to cover the needs of the building then the grid provides any additional energy required.

For any excess electricity produced and returned to the grid, the consumer will be able to sell the excess electricity at cost to the EAC. A meter is required to count the excess electricity transferred to the grid.

The PV power of a self-consumption system must range from 10 kW to 10 mW per applicant and per unit.


Photovoltaics Maintenance

Our experts will take care of the technical and operational management of your photovoltaic systems. With us, you get a professional service that maximizes the earning power and lifespan.

It is recommended that photovoltaic systems are tested every five years to ensure smooth operation over the course of their lifetime.

Photovoltaic panels should be visually checked, as dirt tends to build upon the system and negatively affects the performance.

Our experts will check the following during a maintenance visit:

  • PV system visual inspection of panels, connectors, cables, and mounting system.
  • Testing and service of PV electrical systems.
  • Inverter unit electrical performance testing.
  • Inverter air filters unit cleaning and inspection.
  • Inspection of surrounding conditions.


Photovoltaics Repairs

Here at Dracoudis Energy, we look after the numerous installations we have performed as well as systems installed by other companies. Our aim is to give a professional service at a competitive price.

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